The Power of Loving YOU Where You Are NOW!!!!

Have you ever have a moment like that? When you find yourself wanting to buy something only to find out the price is not right? No, I don’t mean the price was too high, but actually, it was not high enough. Let me explain……

When you are looking for THE solution for THAT problem that keeps waking you up at night. When you are ready to say goodbye to the pain you don’t care about price, you just want it gone.

So what is the problem with the wrong price? Nothing at all. The one thing you need is the assurance that the solution, tool or car is ABLE to meet YOUR needs. IS THAT SIMPLE.

Guess what, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and MANY people are sad because they don’t have someone to love. They don’t have someone to look at them in their eyes and tell them: “You are beautiful.” I call bull. Yeah, I do.

Before we can expect someone else to fill our needs, before we get THE solution to that problem we MUST know how to love OURSELVES first.

And not the “I Love Myself” fake social media declarations many profess but the genuine, deep and heartfelt: “ I love myself” one can only utter can one REALLY loves oneself.

What do price and love got to do with Valentine’s Day? Well, I am glad you asked. If you don’t value who you are, you will “give” your love to just anyone without even thinking about it.

You know I am a personal stylist, right? You know I have been taking people shopping for more than twenty years. Did you also know I am a trained purchaser? Yeah, I have more than 12-years of experience negotiating multi-million contracts and purchases. A few of the principles you learn when purchasing are: determining the value of what you want, how much YOU have paid for it before and how much YOU want to pay for it now.

I have been thinking, why don’t we apply the same principles to loving ourselves and others?

Quite frankly because no one has actually taught us how, that’s why. Imagine how many headaches you would have saved yourself if you have known the price you would pay for choosing the wrong partner?
What if you knew the price others have paid before (in terms of historical dating or previous marriage relationships)?

MANY, right? Well, I think it’s high time you learned how to value the love you bring to the table. What if you also learned how to demand others valued and appreciate EVERYTHING about YOU?

On Feb 14th at 1:00 PM EST I will be teaching a class on the Power of Knowing How to Love Yourself RIGHT NOW.

Something I had to learn myself (sadly the hard way), as a confidence-building coach, a minister and ultimately a teacher I feel it is my duty and honor to share with you what I have learned.

There is no need for you to stumble with the same stones I have stumbled with. The best part of having stumbled and learned them lessons is that I now get to share with YOU how amazing it feels to love yourself and how it prepares you to love others.

How much would you have paid to avoid the pain of loving the wrong person, at the wrong time and even at times being the wrong person?

Well, on Valentine’s Day it’ll only cost you $29.00. Why? Cause I love Valentine’s Day and cause I’m a giver. In exactly two weeks THIS same class will cost $99.00.

The question is, what are you willing to pay to FINALLY learn how to love yourself the RIGHT way and RIGHT NOW.
Want even better news? If you join me on Valentine’s Day for ONLY $29.00 you’ll get to enjoy January’s class: Confidence, what is it and why you MUST get some ASAP!!!

Then every month for $29.00 you will get to either watch live or via video a BRAND new confidence infused class OR You could also save 30% by paying for your yearly membership. I know, I know, it is TOO MUCH, but since Valentine’s Day is love day and I am all about DON’T tell me SHOW ME!!!! I am showing you some SERIOUS love.

What say you, are you ready to love yourself like crazy whether you are in a relationship or not? It is really up to you, I can tell you that since I started to TRULY love myself life has NEVER been the same. Love, laughter, joy and favor follow me EVERYWHERE I go (because I bring it with me EVERYWHERE I go).

Learn more about The Confidence Unchained Membership Club HERE but don’t think too long cause the regular rates goes into effect on Wednesday March 1st!!!!!!

Here is that PRICE breakdown again: $29 x 12 = $348


$244 (yearly membership plan) x 1 = 30% Savings

The choice is yours, but what you and I know is that YOU CANNOT afford to go without the GOD–CENTRIC CONFIDENCE to achieve YOUR God-given purpose.

I KNOW first hand that having confidence is THE secret to no longer settle for LESS THAN what God has in store for you.
The choice has always been yours. Will you choose to love yourself TODAY?

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!