Dreaming without action is a waste of time

This week we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day in America. We celebrate his life because he had the confidence to share his dream with his peers and the world!
Many probably thought it came easy for Dr. King to speak up like it was not a struggle or that it did not come at a high price to him. It was easy for bystanders to take his accomplishments for granted, the speeches he wrote, and the sermons he delivered without letting the battles he had to face everyday stop him.
Dr. King faced life-threatening situations on a regular basis; he lived in a world that did not recognize the value of African American lives. Still, Dr. King did not stop or accepted the status quo. No, Dr. King did not whine and complained about the way his world was. He saw the brokenness and injustices around him and did something about it.
Dr. King embodied confidence. He knew Whose he was and what he was called to do. He did not take his gifts for granted either. To the contrary, he used his gifts EVERY DAY. The results were the powerfully well-written and delivered sermons, the speeches and an activism legacy that lives on to this day.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because my forty years in this world have taught me that EVERYTHING you have been called to do requires you to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. I struggled with lack of self-esteem and confidence for more than twenty-years. Those years encouraged me to break free from the prison of shyness and fear. All my growth has come from facing situations bigger than myself but not bigger than my faith.
What is confidence you asked? Confidence is the certainty of knowing your value is rooted not in you but in Who created you and for what purpose you were created. So many people go through life without knowing Whose they are or what their purpose is. It is a sad and empty existence. It saddens me to see people live with their gifts going untouched for years and sometimes decades. It literally breaks my heart when I hear someone died before they shared their gifts with their loved ones or the world.
Today is a GREAT day to see beyond yourself; today is a great day to recognize that many others before you paved the path for you. Many others stepped outside of their comfort zone so you would not have to suffer through what they experienced.
Yes, Dr. King was an amazing preacher, speaker, and activist, but at the end of the day, all he did was what all of us have been called to do: to lead an extraordinary life in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. Dr. King did not have super powers or a limitless supply of resources, he did have faith in his calling and in the One that called him.
Do you have faith in your calling and the One that called you? Do you believe that you were created on purpose and with a purpose? If you find yourself lacking self-esteem and confidence maybe it’s time you stop looking at what YOU can do alone and start looking at the many resources and gifts made available to you by your Heavenly Father.
It is time we stop letting fear run our lives and to lead a life worth writing about.
Dr. King thanks for leading by example and for showing us what courage and confidence look like.
The question for you is, are you ready to start using your gifts and talents? Tell me in the comments section below: how do you plan to make a difference in your life and the lives others?