The Confidence Unchained Podcast is Back!!!! Julia Winston

Guess what? The Podcast is back! We took a break from last season to refocused and to get some amazing things done. Now we are back, stronger than ever and ready to help you with your calling and vocation.

Just in case you are new to who I am and what I do let me give you the 15-second intro:

I work with committed faith-based leaders & professional men and women who are willing & ready to serve others in a global capacity. However, they know they need the confidence, guidance, & tools to successfully embraced their authentic voice in order to write impactful & relevant books.


I have been working hard in both ministry and business but I won’t lie, it has not been easy. It was hard marrying the two – I did not think it was possible. I had to go through the process of learning how to be true to my calling and my vocation.

The outcome is the new season of the Confidence Unchained podcast and a brand new book A Match Made a Heaven: How to Marry Your Vocation to Your Divine Calling

I got so excited about what I found that I decided to share it with everyone I encountered and what happened next was mind-changing, many shared their own current or past struggles marrying their own calling to their vocation.  I love me some confirmation!  Today I am excited to share with you the first episode of the podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Winston, the founder, and CEO of Brave Communications LLC. During our conversation, Julia shared how she struggled and how things started to flow when she stepped out and trusted God to guide her through the process.

You can watch the interview below: 


Or you can listen to the audio version of the interview below: 


What about you, do you know how to marry your vocation to your divine calling? If not, it might be time to learn how by pre-ordering your copy of A Match Made in Heaven Book Today!!!!!!!