How to Love Your Curls

I’m so excited to bring you an interview from Christo. He is an amazing celebrity hair stylist, specifically working with women, men and children that have curly hair.

I have made a connection with him and have been using his products for a few weeks and my curls are amazing! I just want to talk to him and say: “How did you get started? Why did you do what you do?”and to learn from him a few things too that I could do with my hair.

Without further ado, here is the interview with Christo:

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The WorkinGurl Bag Giveaway

I have a treat for you; a few days ago I interviewed the lovely Victoria F, Hall, founder and CEO of the WorkinGurl Co. This young woman is amazing. She saw a need in the marketplace and decided to create a solution.

Watch the interview below and see why and how she set out to start her company and help women all over the world to look good while doing what they love.

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