Markita D. Collins

As you may recall this season on The Confidence Unchained Podcast we are talking about how to successfully marry your vocation (career or business) to your divine calling. It is NOT easy to find a balance, it took me awhile to figure how to embrace both and represent then well at the same time. That’s why I decided to write a book detailing my journey and to talk with other amazing people that used to struggle and figured out how to balance both.

Our guest this week the talented Markita D. Collins  this woman does it all, she is a mother, wife, sister, CEO, best-selling author, social media influencer via Periscope and Facebook, recording musician, and also a woman of God.

On this week’s episode of The Confidence Unchained Podcast Markita shares with us her past struggles and how she learned to balance it all.

You can watch the podcast video version below:

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If you want to get in touch with Markita you can visit her website or you order her amazing book: A Little Old Fashion Goes A Long Way. 


Tell us below:

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to your vocation and your calling?

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Up BIG! – Podcast Episode with Pastor Kimberly Jones

This week’s episode – we took a week off, and for that we totally apologize – is a powerful one. I had the opportunity to speak with a powerful lady who also happens to be my friend. Pastor Kimberly Jones or PK as we all call her, is amazing!!!!

She encourages everyone where ever she goes, it is one of her MANY gifts. However, during our conversation PK opened up about her early struggles and how she had to learn to show up big in EVERY area of her life. Today she shares that story proudly and with it she encourages her clients, friends and parishioners.

We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.


Pastor Kim is one of those people you feel comfortable with from the get go. I remembered when I first met her in Atlanta a couple years back after I delivered a keynote speech at a retreat. I had no idea what a mighty woman of God she was and she did not feel the need to tell me either, that’s how humble and accessible she is. From that day on I began to watch her on Periscope God began to use her to open up my mind and my heart to God’s calling in my life. It did not take long for us to become friends, but more than that sisters.  I see how God uses her and I cannot help but to thank God for how she continues to grow in everything she does.

As the bible says in Matthew 6:33 AMP – of course she also likes the #TeamTooMuch Amplified Bible version:

But first and most importantly seek (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God], and all these things will be given to you also.

 I see Pastor Kim model that in her ministry and her business as well. And that is why I was so excited to see her launch the new coaching certification program in personal development, relationship coaching and spirituality coaching. How awesome is it that she gets to use ALL her gifts and talents for God’s glory without apologies and reservations? I think it’s pretty awesome.

I knew speaking to her about marrying vocation to divine calling was a great idea and the conversation did not disappoint. She was candid regarding the struggles she experienced when others tried to limit how she ran her business. But I am so thankful the struggles did not last long because as she said:

“I got God and my amazing husband’s green light and that was enough for me.

She moved forward with her business and has not looked back. She is the author of three amazing books including the best selling and powerful book: 40 Days of Biblical Declarations. Obviously I think highly of Pastor Kim and that is because I have seen her consistency giving her all to others and to everything she sets her mind to do. She truly embodies someone that has successfully married her vocation to her divine calling.

Tell us in the comments below: What do you struggle with the MOST when it comes to marrying your vocation (job or career) to your divine calling (ministry)? 

The Confidence Unchained Podcast is Back!!!! Julia Winston

Guess what? The Podcast is back! We took a break from last season to refocused and to get some amazing things done. Now we are back, stronger than ever and ready to help you with your calling and vocation.

Just in case you are new to who I am and what I do let me give you the 15-second intro:

I work with committed faith-based leaders & professional men and women who are willing & ready to serve others in a global capacity. However, they know they need the confidence, guidance, & tools to successfully embraced their authentic voice in order to write impactful & relevant books.


I have been working hard in both ministry and business but I won’t lie, it has not been easy. It was hard marrying the two – I did not think it was possible. I had to go through the process of learning how to be true to my calling and my vocation.

The outcome is the new season of the Confidence Unchained podcast and a brand new book A Match Made a Heaven: How to Marry Your Vocation to Your Divine Calling

I got so excited about what I found that I decided to share it with everyone I encountered and what happened next was mind-changing, many shared their own current or past struggles marrying their own calling to their vocation.  I love me some confirmation!  Today I am excited to share with you the first episode of the podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking with Julia Winston, the founder, and CEO of Brave Communications LLC. During our conversation, Julia shared how she struggled and how things started to flow when she stepped out and trusted God to guide her through the process.

You can watch the interview below: 


Or you can listen to the audio version of the interview below: 


What about you, do you know how to marry your vocation to your divine calling? If not, it might be time to learn how by pre-ordering your copy of A Match Made in Heaven Book Today!!!!!!!


2017: The Year to Ditch Your Track Record

How do you see yourself? I know many of us have taken the time to create vision boards, written themes and words for the New Year. Of course we cannot forget the famous New Year’s Resolutions – we might as well extend our condolences now for those as they are as short-lived as the lifespan of a Mayfly – many of us are excited about the #NewYear, wishing and speaking over ourselves words of triumph, growth, prosperity, and purpose in the New Year, there is nothing wrong with that, other than we speak it in a distance future day; as if God could not do a suddenly for His people.
I got invited to preach in February and I’ve started to pray and asked my Father to tell me what He wanted me to speak about. Then yesterday while listening to an amazing man of God He deposited something in my heart: We are prisoners of our track record!
I started to write furiously because I knew I could not miss it. I will be developing this further as I prepare for the message but it dawned on me that I could start to prepare by sharing with you as the Lord reveals the subject to me, see when you are writing a message is not just a writing exercise but a growth exercise for the teacher as well. God needs to peel layers, shine the light on in areas that need growing within that person too. God does not waste anything so He grows the deliverer and the receiver with the same message. How awesome is our God?

We have been groomed to believe that it takes years, sweat and tears to accomplish great things. From grammar school to college, we have been taught that it takes YEARS to develop and to grow, so after years of seeing this earthly standard, we unknowingly apply the same standard to what God can do. Let me explain, I am willing to go on a limb here and guess that many of you have written in your journals, Evernote or wherever you write your New Year’s resolutions, great things you want to accomplish for the kingdom. Maybe finally becoming an author, speaker, minister or missionary. You were in the Spirit when you wrote that, you felt good about it. But then when you left your war room, prayer closet or pantry (I have a sweet pantry myself), the reality of the difficulty of what you have asked for begin to set in. You begin to see yourself through your own human lenses. You begin to recount ALL your shortcuts, all the other times you set out to be used by God by failed miserably. And all of the sudden the manifestation of what you prayed for begins to fade into a far away distance. Am I close?
Let me give you the GREAT news! Yes, you have messed up in the past, yes you have many flaws and limitations, yes you have a horrible track record. I know, you are still waiting for the great news and here it comes, you have forgotten one key and glorious detail: God does not see you outside the graceful filter of Jesus. God did not give you a magnificent vision of where He wants to take you counting on your inner strength, resources, discipline or goodwill. NO, He spoke those things over you KNOWING you could not do it alone. KNOWING that if left to your own devices you would quit before taking the first step. And since He is a good Father He arranged AHEAD of TIME for His grace, anointing, encouragement, protection, health, resources, wisdom, His Spirit to go with you and see you through EVERY STEP of THE WAY.
It is time you recognize that your calling Is NOT for you to do alone, outside of His covering, but in fact a beautiful opportunity to grow closer to Him so you can have a FRONT ROW seat to His awesome power.
My beloved, it is time you remove the limits you have put on yourself and start seeing the glorious access you have to EVERYTHING your Abba Father has set aside for you. You have EVERYTHING you need IN HIM. Stop looking outside of yourself; the answer IS NOT there. The Bible says that HE IS THE WAY; stop looking for maps or asking for directions from people that don’t know HIM.
Spend quality time in His presence until you can see you through the majestic eyes of Jesus.
You are made NEW in 2017. There are NO LIMITS ANYMORE. And the great news I spoke off at the beginning of the post are: He is prepared, ready and willing to perform the most amazing, life changing suddenlies in your life. All He asks is that you:
Trust, listen, seek, read, obey and have FAITH in HIM.
The choice is a simple one and it is totally yours to make. I can tell you that I have chosen to trust The God of the suddenlies. Here is a fraction of HIS suddenlies track record: He turned a shepherd boy into a king, a believer’s murderer into a mighty apostle, a quitter into a prophet, an orphan into a queen, a widower into a redeemed woman of God whose name made it into the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
I am choosing to trust HIS track record over mine.
That’s your formula for a purposeful 2017. The question is, will you continue to follow your own plan OR will you choose His way over the way of the world?

The Miracle Child Book Interview Podcast Episode

On this episode, we had the privilege to interview Apostle and new author Richard B. Simmons. His new book: The Miracle Child is being released this month.


During the interview, Apostle Richard shared his writing journey and why he shared his testimony with us and the world. This interview will inspire you to trust God and to hopefully write your own story/testimony and then share it with the world. We hope you enjoy the interview. For more information about the Miracle Child visit:

Watch the episode below and let us know in the comments how this interview inspired you to FINALLY write and share your story with the world!


Many Blessings


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Dreaming without action is a waste of time

This week we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day in America. We celebrate his life because he had the confidence to share his dream with his peers and the world!
Many probably thought it came easy for Dr. King to speak up like it was not a struggle or that it did not come at a high price to him. It was easy for bystanders to take his accomplishments for granted, the speeches he wrote, and the sermons he delivered without letting the battles he had to face everyday stop him.
Dr. King faced life-threatening situations on a regular basis; he lived in a world that did not recognize the value of African American lives. Still, Dr. King did not stop or accepted the status quo. No, Dr. King did not whine and complained about the way his world was. He saw the brokenness and injustices around him and did something about it.
Dr. King embodied confidence. He knew Whose he was and what he was called to do. He did not take his gifts for granted either. To the contrary, he used his gifts EVERY DAY. The results were the powerfully well-written and delivered sermons, the speeches and an activism legacy that lives on to this day.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because my forty years in this world have taught me that EVERYTHING you have been called to do requires you to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. I struggled with lack of self-esteem and confidence for more than twenty-years. Those years encouraged me to break free from the prison of shyness and fear. All my growth has come from facing situations bigger than myself but not bigger than my faith.
What is confidence you asked? Confidence is the certainty of knowing your value is rooted not in you but in Who created you and for what purpose you were created. So many people go through life without knowing Whose they are or what their purpose is. It is a sad and empty existence. It saddens me to see people live with their gifts going untouched for years and sometimes decades. It literally breaks my heart when I hear someone died before they shared their gifts with their loved ones or the world.
Today is a GREAT day to see beyond yourself; today is a great day to recognize that many others before you paved the path for you. Many others stepped outside of their comfort zone so you would not have to suffer through what they experienced.
Yes, Dr. King was an amazing preacher, speaker, and activist, but at the end of the day, all he did was what all of us have been called to do: to lead an extraordinary life in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. Dr. King did not have super powers or a limitless supply of resources, he did have faith in his calling and in the One that called him.
Do you have faith in your calling and the One that called you? Do you believe that you were created on purpose and with a purpose? If you find yourself lacking self-esteem and confidence maybe it’s time you stop looking at what YOU can do alone and start looking at the many resources and gifts made available to you by your Heavenly Father.
It is time we stop letting fear run our lives and to lead a life worth writing about.
Dr. King thanks for leading by example and for showing us what courage and confidence look like.
The question for you is, are you ready to start using your gifts and talents? Tell me in the comments section below: how do you plan to make a difference in your life and the lives others?

The Power of Loving YOU Where You Are NOW!!!!

Have you ever have a moment like that? When you find yourself wanting to buy something only to find out the price is not right? No, I don’t mean the price was too high, but actually, it was not high enough. Let me explain……

When you are looking for THE solution for THAT problem that keeps waking you up at night. When you are ready to say goodbye to the pain you don’t care about price, you just want it gone.

So what is the problem with the wrong price? Nothing at all. The one thing you need is the assurance that the solution, tool or car is ABLE to meet YOUR needs. IS THAT SIMPLE.

Guess what, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and MANY people are sad because they don’t have someone to love. They don’t have someone to look at them in their eyes and tell them: “You are beautiful.” I call bull. Yeah, I do.

Before we can expect someone else to fill our needs, before we get THE solution to that problem we MUST know how to love OURSELVES first.

And not the “I Love Myself” fake social media declarations many profess but the genuine, deep and heartfelt: “ I love myself” one can only utter can one REALLY loves oneself.

What do price and love got to do with Valentine’s Day? Well, I am glad you asked. If you don’t value who you are, you will “give” your love to just anyone without even thinking about it.

You know I am a personal stylist, right? You know I have been taking people shopping for more than twenty years. Did you also know I am a trained purchaser? Yeah, I have more than 12-years of experience negotiating multi-million contracts and purchases. A few of the principles you learn when purchasing are: determining the value of what you want, how much YOU have paid for it before and how much YOU want to pay for it now.

I have been thinking, why don’t we apply the same principles to loving ourselves and others?

Quite frankly because no one has actually taught us how, that’s why. Imagine how many headaches you would have saved yourself if you have known the price you would pay for choosing the wrong partner?
What if you knew the price others have paid before (in terms of historical dating or previous marriage relationships)?

MANY, right? Well, I think it’s high time you learned how to value the love you bring to the table. What if you also learned how to demand others valued and appreciate EVERYTHING about YOU?

On Feb 14th at 1:00 PM EST I will be teaching a class on the Power of Knowing How to Love Yourself RIGHT NOW.

Something I had to learn myself (sadly the hard way), as a confidence-building coach, a minister and ultimately a teacher I feel it is my duty and honor to share with you what I have learned.

There is no need for you to stumble with the same stones I have stumbled with. The best part of having stumbled and learned them lessons is that I now get to share with YOU how amazing it feels to love yourself and how it prepares you to love others.

How much would you have paid to avoid the pain of loving the wrong person, at the wrong time and even at times being the wrong person?

Well, on Valentine’s Day it’ll only cost you $29.00. Why? Cause I love Valentine’s Day and cause I’m a giver. In exactly two weeks THIS same class will cost $99.00.

The question is, what are you willing to pay to FINALLY learn how to love yourself the RIGHT way and RIGHT NOW.
Want even better news? If you join me on Valentine’s Day for ONLY $29.00 you’ll get to enjoy January’s class: Confidence, what is it and why you MUST get some ASAP!!!

Then every month for $29.00 you will get to either watch live or via video a BRAND new confidence infused class OR You could also save 30% by paying for your yearly membership. I know, I know, it is TOO MUCH, but since Valentine’s Day is love day and I am all about DON’T tell me SHOW ME!!!! I am showing you some SERIOUS love.

What say you, are you ready to love yourself like crazy whether you are in a relationship or not? It is really up to you, I can tell you that since I started to TRULY love myself life has NEVER been the same. Love, laughter, joy and favor follow me EVERYWHERE I go (because I bring it with me EVERYWHERE I go).

Learn more about The Confidence Unchained Membership Club HERE but don’t think too long cause the regular rates goes into effect on Wednesday March 1st!!!!!!

Here is that PRICE breakdown again: $29 x 12 = $348


$244 (yearly membership plan) x 1 = 30% Savings

The choice is yours, but what you and I know is that YOU CANNOT afford to go without the GOD–CENTRIC CONFIDENCE to achieve YOUR God-given purpose.

I KNOW first hand that having confidence is THE secret to no longer settle for LESS THAN what God has in store for you.
The choice has always been yours. Will you choose to love yourself TODAY?

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

How to Love Your Curls

I’m so excited to bring you an interview from Christo. He is an amazing celebrity hair stylist, specifically working with women, men and children that have curly hair.

I have made a connection with him and have been using his products for a few weeks and my curls are amazing! I just want to talk to him and say: “How did you get started? Why did you do what you do?”and to learn from him a few things too that I could do with my hair.

Without further ado, here is the interview with Christo:

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