How to Bring Beauty Out

We are happy to bring to you our interview with Caricaturist Cathy Nolan, we discussed real beauty while Cathy Drew my caricature.

See the final product below:

Watch the interview or you can read the transcript as well.

CATHERINE STORING: Hello, everyone. I’m so excited! As you heard, my name is Catherine Storing and this is the Style Queen Podcast. Thank you so much for being here and I see Jennifer saying, “Hello!” People are saying, “Hello!” It’s so exciting. Thank you, guys.

So, I’m gonna read a little bit about who Cathy is. Obviously, I know who she is and many of you do, but for those of you that don’t, I’m gonna tell you who this awesome lady is. So, let me just tell you.

So, Cathy Nolan has been in caricaturist and illustrator for over 20 years. With her love for art and making people smile, Cathy’s work has brought joy to clients worldwide. Originally form Chicago, she studied Art at Siena Heights University and they moved to New York City.

The Big Apple taught her to be professionally polished, meet deadlines, and collaborate projects with clients.

Cathy, also, has had years of experience working in art licensing and product development. With her knowledge and experience, she has helped other artists build their businesses and has consulted on their portfolios. Awesome! So, she’s done a whole bunch of stuff, she’s joined people on social media, and tonight, we have the pleasure to have it here and she’s gonna draw me live.

So, hello Cathy! How are you?

CATHY NOLAN: Hi, Catherine! I’m good. How are you?

CATHERINE STORING: I am doing amazing. We’ve been talking about this interview and I love how we were connected in periscope.

CATHY NOLAN: Yes, ‘cause I met Catherine… and Jennifer, thank you for watching. I met Catherine through the Wise Women Leadership Group like four years ago or three years ago and we met at a retreat in New York City and it was fantastic, hosted by Joanna Lindenbaum who’s still doing her work. And since that I’ve seen Catherine grow her business and everything and I just think it’s been phenomenal so, I’m just very excited to be here.  And we did reconnect on periscope, which is amazing.

CATHERINE STORING: That is awesome. Yeah, it’s so funny how… It’s definitely been at least three or four years and periscope is bringing people together in amazing way. And I’m just excited that we’re doing what we love.

So, we’re gonna talk about facing your beauty. Because you are a caricaturist, you see people all the time and I see you do it so many times on periscope and you do it in an awesome way. You have done it for fundraisers who just think it’s amazing. And I think you have an eye ‘cause when you capture people, I see that you capture more of their essence. It’s not just what we see. It’s really… it’s their soul. So, how… when do you know that you could do this, first of all?

CATHY NOLAN: Well, I’ve been drawing all my life since I was 18 months old, as baby. My first drawing was a big bird which was just a bunch of circle and lines. It was not the big bird, but as a young toddler, I was drawing from a very, very… even before I was two years old. And so, my mother kinda sensed that I had this gift and just helped me nurture it over the years. And I discovered I got this gift from my grandfather, her father, ‘cause when I would sit on his lap at a young age, he would draw cowboys and Indians for me, just like how I draw for people today – just, sweeping out like that. And it was in epiphany when I was a child, like, before I was ten, like, “Oh, this is where it comes from!”

And one of my missions is to capture the inner beauty of everybody that you know, everybody is a beautiful person inside and no matter how we look, inner beauty really comes from within, and I think I got that gift to see it within people. I don’t really judge people.