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2017: The Year to Ditch Your Track Record

How do you see yourself? I know many of us have taken the time to create vision boards, written themes and words for the New Year. Of course we cannot forget the famous New Year’s Resolutions – we might as well extend our condolences now for those as they are as short-lived as the lifespan […]

The Miracle Child Book Interview Podcast Episode

On this episode, we had the privilege to interview Apostle and new author Richard B. Simmons. His new book: The Miracle Child is being released this month.   During the interview, Apostle Richard shared his writing journey and why he shared his testimony with us and the world. This interview will inspire you to trust God […]

Dreaming without action is a waste of time

This week we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day in America. We celebrate his life because he had the confidence to share his dream with his peers and the world! Many probably thought it came easy for Dr. King to speak up like it was not a struggle or that it did not come […]

The Power of Loving YOU Where You Are NOW!!!!

Have you ever have a moment like that? When you find yourself wanting to buy something only to find out the price is not right? No, I don’t mean the price was too high, but actually, it was not high enough. Let me explain…… When you are looking for THE solution for THAT problem that […]

Why is okay to have a multiple personalities calling

I thought I was the only one that this “disorder” just plagued me but in reality, multiple personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder as it is called now plagues millions of people. Let me explain, for years I have seen others go from one passion to the next, from wanting to pursue law, economics or the […]

Welcome to The Confidence Unchained Ministries Blog

We are excited to share what God is doing with and in our ministry, it is truly a blessing to see God at work.   We want this website to be the hub for those looking for and in need of: teaching, anointing, and encouragement to pursue ministry with ALL their hearts, minds, and souls. […]

Doodle Your Way to More Sales

This week I have the pleasure to introduce an amazing woman, Diane Bleck. She is the CEO and founder of The Doodle Institute. On this episode of the Style Queen Podcast we discussed the importance of using your gifts and pursuing your dreams with passion and determination. The post Doodle Your Way to More Sales […]

How to Love Your Curls

I’m so excited to bring you an interview from Christo. He is an amazing celebrity hair stylist, specifically working with women, men and children that have curly hair. I have made a connection with him and have been using his products for a few weeks and my curls are amazing! I just want to talk […]

The WorkinGurl Bag Giveaway

I have a treat for you; a few days ago I interviewed the lovely Victoria F, Hall, founder and CEO of the WorkinGurl Co. This young woman is amazing. She saw a need in the marketplace and decided to create a solution. Watch the interview below and see why and how she set out to […]