2017: The Year to Ditch Your Track Record

How do you see yourself? I know many of us have taken the time to create vision boards, written themes and words for the New Year. Of course we cannot forget the famous New Year’s Resolutions – we might as well extend our condolences now for those as they are as short-lived as the lifespan of a Mayfly – many of us are excited about the #NewYear, wishing and speaking over ourselves words of triumph, growth, prosperity, and purpose in the New Year, there is nothing wrong with that, other than we speak it in a distance future day; as if God could not do a suddenly for His people.
I got invited to preach in February and I’ve started to pray and asked my Father to tell me what He wanted me to speak about. Then yesterday while listening to an amazing man of God He deposited something in my heart: We are prisoners of our track record!
I started to write furiously because I knew I could not miss it. I will be developing this further as I prepare for the message but it dawned on me that I could start to prepare by sharing with you as the Lord reveals the subject to me, see when you are writing a message is not just a writing exercise but a growth exercise for the teacher as well. God needs to peel layers, shine the light on in areas that need growing within that person too. God does not waste anything so He grows the deliverer and the receiver with the same message. How awesome is our God?

We have been groomed to believe that it takes years, sweat and tears to accomplish great things. From grammar school to college, we have been taught that it takes YEARS to develop and to grow, so after years of seeing this earthly standard, we unknowingly apply the same standard to what God can do. Let me explain, I am willing to go on a limb here and guess that many of you have written in your journals, Evernote or wherever you write your New Year’s resolutions, great things you want to accomplish for the kingdom. Maybe finally becoming an author, speaker, minister or missionary. You were in the Spirit when you wrote that, you felt good about it. But then when you left your war room, prayer closet or pantry (I have a sweet pantry myself), the reality of the difficulty of what you have asked for begin to set in. You begin to see yourself through your own human lenses. You begin to recount ALL your shortcuts, all the other times you set out to be used by God by failed miserably. And all of the sudden the manifestation of what you prayed for begins to fade into a far away distance. Am I close?
Let me give you the GREAT news! Yes, you have messed up in the past, yes you have many flaws and limitations, yes you have a horrible track record. I know, you are still waiting for the great news and here it comes, you have forgotten one key and glorious detail: God does not see you outside the graceful filter of Jesus. God did not give you a magnificent vision of where He wants to take you counting on your inner strength, resources, discipline or goodwill. NO, He spoke those things over you KNOWING you could not do it alone. KNOWING that if left to your own devices you would quit before taking the first step. And since He is a good Father He arranged AHEAD of TIME for His grace, anointing, encouragement, protection, health, resources, wisdom, His Spirit to go with you and see you through EVERY STEP of THE WAY.
It is time you recognize that your calling Is NOT for you to do alone, outside of His covering, but in fact a beautiful opportunity to grow closer to Him so you can have a FRONT ROW seat to His awesome power.
My beloved, it is time you remove the limits you have put on yourself and start seeing the glorious access you have to EVERYTHING your Abba Father has set aside for you. You have EVERYTHING you need IN HIM. Stop looking outside of yourself; the answer IS NOT there. The Bible says that HE IS THE WAY; stop looking for maps or asking for directions from people that don’t know HIM.
Spend quality time in His presence until you can see you through the majestic eyes of Jesus.
You are made NEW in 2017. There are NO LIMITS ANYMORE. And the great news I spoke off at the beginning of the post are: He is prepared, ready and willing to perform the most amazing, life changing suddenlies in your life. All He asks is that you:
Trust, listen, seek, read, obey and have FAITH in HIM.
The choice is a simple one and it is totally yours to make. I can tell you that I have chosen to trust The God of the suddenlies. Here is a fraction of HIS suddenlies track record: He turned a shepherd boy into a king, a believer’s murderer into a mighty apostle, a quitter into a prophet, an orphan into a queen, a widower into a redeemed woman of God whose name made it into the genealogy of Jesus Christ.
I am choosing to trust HIS track record over mine.
That’s your formula for a purposeful 2017. The question is, will you continue to follow your own plan OR will you choose His way over the way of the world?